BBC LAW, LLP is always adapting to confront the changing legal market and meet our client’s evolving needs.

High Value

Our attorneys have decades of experience and specialized training, and we deliver high quality work in a cost-effective manner.  We are willing to tailor fee arrangements to meet your needs and ensure that you maximize your legal spend.


Problem solving

While we recognize that aggressive litigation is sometimes unavoidable, our attorneys are just as skilled handling mediations and arbitrations as they are in front of a judge or jury.  We’re looking to find a solution to your problems, no matter what path that takes us down.

Mid-Atlantic Reach

BBC has multiple offices with their headquarters located in Philadelphia.  We’re able to assist clients in a multitude of venues and state court systems in the Mid-Atlantic area and all the federal courts in between.


Leading Edge Technology

One of the biggest strengths of BBC LAW is that our software and hardware architecture are optimized and customized to work in a secure, cloud-based environment, giving our attorneys the ability to literally work anywhere.



BBC LAW is a team.  A group of lawyers and support staff who look forward to coming together and solving problems.  We chose to start this firm because we know that creating the best environment for our team means that our team will create the best results for our clients.


Analytics and Tracking

At BBC, we keep our ear to the ground.  Tracking, charting and analyzing the shifting judicial winds so that our clients are prepared for what lies ahead.  We guide our clients to make informed decisions backed with data procured, mined and disseminated through proprietary means and methods.